The Collective Store (born in November 2010) is a thriving community of original thinking creatives. It’s stocked by incredibly talented people from every corner of Australia and I’m incredibly passionate about giving them the chance to sell and market their wonderful products. But where did it all begin?

My name is Leonie McIntosh and I’m the owner of The Collective Store.
As a hobbyist silversmith I had found it almost impossible to make my craft even a tiny bit profitable. Galleries and boutiques charge too much commission, markets can either be too expensive when you sign up for designer markets or depressing when you are competing with stallholders who deal in imported, inferior products but who seem to be making money hand-over-fist. Online selling is difficult for jewellery because it’s such a tactile product; it really needs to be seen first-hand to be judged for weight, size, texture and quality.

So, on a last frustrated rant to James (my wonderful husband) about how my latest push for my craft went down the drain like all the previous attempts, he quite simply asked me what would be the ideal way to sell and market my jewellery.

So the idea was born – a marketplace for high-quality products handmade in Australia where no commission is charged but rather a “stall-holder’s fee” was set at a reasonable rate to allow access to all who wanted to be involved. I envisioned a community of independent artists, crafters and designers bringing beautiful handmade products to the general public by way of a fresh, fun, co-operative wrapped in a gorgeous little boutique – a shopping oasis! James pointed out that I had many years of retail experience as well as a lot of time immersed in the craft community and there was no reason why I couldn’t turn this idea into reality (after all that’s exactly how big chain stores work!).

There it was – no excuses and no turning back and The Collective Store is now a reality.

In late 2013, our little store became a bigger store with a move to a lovely corner location in Wynnum and one of my other dreams was born - a workshop space! I found I really enjoyed bringing art and craft to our wonderful community and now I could make it happen in The Collective Store!

Every day in The Collective Store there is something new, it’s a really dynamic place full of inspiration and gorgeous things. My dream job!

If you’d like to know more please visit the sell page or contact me on the next page over.

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