Joyita Queen of Colour

Mursi Woman Original


About Mursi Woman Painting by Brisbane Artist Joyita, Queen of Colour.

"Following on from my ATLAS series of works, this one came to life soon after I delivered my artwork to the gallery for my solo exhibition.

She came about just before Brisbane was inundated with more rain and floods than I had ever experienced my life.

I started her just before the power went out and the internet was lost. I couldn't bring myself to finish her by candlelight so it took a little longer to complete.

I have always had a fascination with faces, unusual ones, especially those from different cultures.  I have loved meeting people from different walks of life, different backgrounds and different skin colours.

I love all different cultures, especially those from African tribes, like my Mursi Woman artwork, it was her smooth skin that first captured me and it was inevitable as I lay eyes on her that she would become someone I needed to paint."


51 cm x 61 cm framed in a light wood floating frame.

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