Dinah Dixon

Off The Bloomfield Track

About the Artist
Dinah Dixon is a local Wynnum Artist who paints the stunning landscapes of her travels using professional quality Oils and Acrylics on canvas and board. She started drawing and painting when her children were young as a part-time hobby and has since exhibited several pieces in Brisbane galleries. She is now painting full time and loving it as she finds the creative process of making Art very therapeutic.
Drawn to the natural beauty of life and the landscape, the stunning colours and it’s varying shades of light and form, she is most at peace surrounded by the serenity of nature and going on travel explorations that allow her to discover new places and connect with the raw landscape, capturing moments in time and then translating those moments onto the canvas later in the Studio. She chooses her medium and application based on the mood of the picture and the connection she felt in the moment and wants to share this with her viewer.
Far North Qld
A month-long family road trip from Brisbane to Far North Queensland exploring the beautiful Daintree Rainforest and beyond. 
The Bloomfield Track, a 30 km 4WD track crossing many creeks from Cape Tribulation to the aboriginal community of Wujal Wujal, winds its way through the Daintree Rainforest.
'Off The Bloomfield Track'
Acrylic on Canvas (Framed in Oak)
125 x 125 cms
Off the beaten track, or in this case, off The Bloomfield Track, the raw untouched beauty of Cowie Beach was an unexpected but pleasant surprise. With one eye peeled for Crocs (luckily Winter time), it was strange walking onto an empty beach you couldn’t swim in and seeing random mangroves sprung up all over the beach. Nothing like the beaches I’d seen before, but the untouched rawness, peaceful calm and yet hidden danger at this beach struck a chord. Though, I was relieved when we made it back to the car...

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