Meadow Hoops Earrings



Made in QLD by Woodside Ceramics.

The Meadow Hoop is a statement earring offering of this cute as a button floral print on a chic porcelain background.  

Woodside ceramic earrings are designed and handmade in their Australian studio using recycled Australian clay. 

These natural stoneware earrings are lightweight, refined and a little bit more look-at-me! A unique gift for someone special that will outlast any posy and bring a little sunshine to their days. 

Earrings have been shaped by hand, twice fired by kiln for durability and glazed by hand for a one-of-a-kind, glossy finish.

Drop Earrings

Earrings feature a gold-toned stainless steel ear wire fixture

* 55mm total earring length

Please note dimensions and pattern may vary slightly as these are a handmade item.

To clean ceramic surface use a soft cloth dipped in warm soapy water.