Chunky Bangle


Add another dimension to your accessories with a chunky resin bangle. Team up with another bangle of a different colour and style, or wear on its own.


Tekschur celebrates the beauty found in imperfections, differences and uniqueness.

The name ‘Tekschur’ originates from the phonetic way of pronouncing ‘Texture’

but also has two references:

TEKS- The Indo-European root meaning "to weave, to fabricate and also "to make” 

CHUR- Reference to my homeland New Zealand in the spelling of ‘Chur’ as in NZ it is a slang word which can mean sweet, cheers, yeah, good, cool & awesome.  

Put together TEKSCHUR to me means TO MAKE AWESOME!

All of what Tekschur wants to empower and evoke in the feelings of its customers.


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