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Daughter of Ra Lustred



"Daughter of Ra"

Ra, the sun god of ancient Egypt who represented life, warmth and growth. And father of the goddess Maat, who represented cosmic order and balance.

These earrings are gorgeous, with 22k real gold lustre hand-painted and radiating out from the centre. I hope they inspire you to go out into the world and embrace life with both hands no matter what it throws your way!

  • Porcelain clay
  • Stainless steel jump rings
  • Surgical stainless steel ear wires
  • 22k gold lustre


  •  5.2cm L x 4.2cm W


Once they come out of the kiln, each piece is closely inspected, painstakingly hand-sanded, and painted by hand with glaze. This is where each piece will undertake a second firing, reaching over 1230°C (2246°F). And where pieces have been accentuated and painted with gold lustre or mother of pearl lustre, they will go into the kiln for their third and final firing. Once this stage is completed, all earrings and jewellery are assembled with the utmost care.

Because all pieces are handcrafted individually and undergo multiple firings, this may lead to slight shape and colour variations.

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