Emberfield Candles


Handmade Candles made by Rosie in Brisbane.

Rosie the founder of Emberfield can normally be found in a pair of scrubs, sipping coffees and saving lives as an Emergency Nurse. But, while on maternity leave with her second bub it’s now the time to launch her own venture. Call her crazy, but this girl has got a dream, and that dream smells good!



FERN: Fig Leaf + Galbanum, Coco/Soy Candle

MEYER: Lemon + Verbena + Thyme, Coco/Soy Candle

TONKA: Vanilla Santal + Shea Butter, Coco/Soy Candle

ISLAND: Coconut + Açaí Berries, Coco/Soy Candle

CACAO: Coffee Bean + Cacao + Vanilla, Coco/Soy Candle

SCARLET: Dark Rose + Labdanum, Coco/Soy Candle

PLUM: Blackberry + Saffron, Coco/Soy Candle




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