Carys Martin Ceramics

Moon Phases Mugs


The phases of the moon are complex and beautiful. As the moon moves through her phases so to do we, sometimes shining bright, and other times shying away from the light to allow ourselves time to regenerate, grow and clear our minds and thoughts. We often find our lives mirroring the deep spiritual meanings and ancient rituals associated with the changing of the moon. This cup is a reminder that every phase we go through is temporary and the only constant is change and doing our best to have a deep sense of satisfaction and happiness at the end of each day.

Handmade by Carys Martin in her Cleveland, QLD Studio. Many hours of handmade love have bought this cup to you:

+ wheel thrown

+ delicately hand carved

+ glazed

+ hand painted with liquid gold.

+ holds approximately 300ml /10fl Oz

Each piece is mindfully created in Carys' QLD studio over a number of weeks, with each finished piece having its own subtle differences. That is the beauty of handmade. These photos are a representation of the piece from this collection you will receive.



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