Square Bangles


Add a burst of colour to your outfit with these gorgeous resin bangles. Wear on their own or stack them and layer them. Mix the colours and shapes.

Inner Dimensions - 68mm


Handmade In Melbourne



Tekschur celebrates the beauty found in imperfections, differences and uniqueness.

The name ‘Tekschur’ originates from the phonetic way of pronouncing ‘Texture’

but also has two references:

TEKS- The Indo-European root meaning "to weave, to fabricate and also "to make” 

CHUR- Reference to my homeland New Zealand in the spelling of ‘Chur’ as in NZ it is a slang word which can mean sweet, cheers, yeah, good, cool & awesome.  

Put together TEKSCHUR to me means TO MAKE AWESOME!

All of what Tekschur wants to empower and evoke in the feelings of its customers.


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