Turquoise Creative

Thoughts to Plant


A set of 12 plantable inspirational cards designed to spark joy into your life.

When you feel ready to let them go, plant the cards and watch them grow into a mix of purple, white, blue and pink Swan river daisies.

When the card is planted, the paper will compost away to leave only flowers. The card can be potted or sown directly into the garden soil.

How are we made?
* Designed and Printed with love in Perth, Australia
* 100% recycled handmade paper with embedded flower seeds, made in Australia
* 90 x 120 mm cards
* Jute bag included
* Planting instructions printed on 100% recycled kraft paper

What flowers do we grow?
Found in Western Australia, Swan River Daisy is a small native plant which produces a stunning array of beautiful purple, white, blue or pink flowers.

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