Ohh De Naturale

Hand Sanitiser


Ohh De Naturale has created this Hand Sanitiser Spray to protect you and your family.

Although we produce all natural products and standby the belief that all natural products are better, in the case of hand sanitisers it’s a different story.

For them to be highly effective they must contain a high % of Pure Alcohol and this cannot be achieved with only natural ingredients.

I will clearly state that any hand sanitiser that does NOT contain this high form of Alcohol will be ineffective to destroy viruses such as Covid 19 & other bacteria. The world Health Organization has stated a minimum of 70% Pure Alcohol is required to effectively kill bacteria and viruses.

Our hand sanitiser is based on 99.8% Isopropyl with the addition of Pure Natural Vit e Oil to combat dry skin that the alcohol can create.

We have also added more protective layers of natural goodness with pure Australian Tea Tree Oil which is a natural disinfectant, Pure Cold Pressed Lemon Oil also a disinfectant & Orange Sweet Oil which is antibacterial & filtered water.

You can feel safe and confident that this product will sanitise your hands.

Use this when your on the go and cannot wash your hands with soapy water.

Comes in a fully recyclable amber glass spray bottle.

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